Kaleidoscope Language Services offers linguistic expertise to handle German and English documents of all sizes in most subject areas, including:

A Kaleidoscope translation is true to the original in style, tone, and message. All translations include editing, proofreading, and basic page layout. Translations can be transmitted electronically, if accepted by the intended recipient, or by mail or courier. 

Ulrike is a Certified Member in Good Standing of the Society of Translators and Interpreters of British Columbia (STIBC) and she abides by STIBC's professional Code of Ethics in terms of accuracy, confidentiality, and impartiality. More information can be found at

She is registered with ICBC. 

Ulrike's certified German to English translations are accepted by all courts and government bodies in Canada.

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Being fully bi-lingual, Ulrike is available to accompany German-speaking visitors or new immigrants with no or limited knowledge of English to any number of occasions:

Please note that Ulrike is not a certified court interpreter and can only assist you in meetings with a lawyer, not in court.

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Translation rates range from 23 cents/word for simple documents for personal use not requiring certification, up to 30 cents/word for legally certified documents of medical, technical, or legal nature. Our average rate for most certified translations is 26 cents/word. Short, single-page documents such as birth certificates, diploma etc. incur our minimum charge of $50.

Interpretation services are based on an hourly rate of $60 plus travel ($30/hour) and mileage (45 cents/km).

Editing services are $60/hour, which works out to anywhere between 1 cent/word for basic proofreading of a standard text to 20 cents/word for substantive editing of a difficult text.

Kaleidoscope Language Services

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Ulrike Spitzer

Ulrike Spitzer is the owner and manager of Kaleidoscope Language Services in Hope, BC.

She is a freelance translator for German, French, and English; certified translator for German to English; and she coordinates large translation projects. 

Born and educated in Germany, Ulrike has lived and worked in Paris, France, for three years. In 1996, she immigrated to British Columbia, Canada, and founded Kaleidoscope Language Services in 1997. 

She works out of her home-based office in the charming town of Hope, BC, nestled in the Cascade and Coastal Mountains, a two-hour drive from Vancouver or Kamloops.